What Is Auditory Processing Disorder?

When we talk about hearing issues, most of us tend to think of hearing impairment, hearing loss, or deafness. Even as a sound engineer, when I think about the perception of sound (psychoacoustics) I don’t think about what could go wrong in that process. How the Brain Struggles with ASD … Read more

Tracking My Son’s First Words

Like many parents, I kept track of my son’s earliest words for his scrapbook. Then, I read a fantastic book about language development called How Babies Talk: The Magic and Mystery of Language in the First Three Years of Life. The book explained how toddlers go through a “language explosion” … Read more

What is a Hearing Dog?

Did you know dogs could be trained to assist the hearing-impaired? Hearing dogs are trained to alert their hearing-impaired owners to things like: A doorbell or knock at the door Telephone ringing Someone calling their owner’s name Alarm clock Baby crying Appliances (microwave, tea kettle, washer/dryer) The amazing thing about … Read more

5 ways to protect babies hearing

Hearing damage doesn’t just happen from being at a loud rock concert. There’s things in our homes and every day life that can cause hearing damage to adults – and to babies. Is a baby’s hearing more sensitive? Babies are more susceptive to hearing damage (and ear infections) than adults … Read more

Hearing protection for children

Hearing protection for children of all ages is important because hearing damage from loud sounds is permanent. Children under the age of 5 are more susceptible to hearing damage so it’s especially crucial to protect their ears. What to look for in hearing protection Style The two styles of hearing protection … Read more

How loud is too loud for kids?

It’s important for adults to understand what sounds are too loud for kids and what to do about it. Hearing damage (from exposure to loud sounds) is permanent – but we can help prevent it. Three steps to protect your children’s ears (and your ears) from loud sounds Check how … Read more